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Kamishibai is a part of Japan's unique cultural heritage that is moving forward into a new era. It is important now to create good kamishibai works which shall be performed by skilled performers, in order to enlarge the circle of the sharing of feelings (Kyokan) between audience, performers and among the people not only in Japan, but throughout the world. The aim of The International Kamishibai Association of Japan (IKAJA) is to foster communication throughout the world between people who are already enthusiasts, those express an interest in the subject and those who wish to perform kamishibai. It will simultaneously aim to promote the study of the subject from a cultural perspective, learning from each other and establishing kamishibai as a world-wide art. (The words of introduction when IKAJA was founded)

What's New

KAMISHIBAI Newsletter Vol.17 has been issued NEW 9/30

Dear IKAJA’s International Members,
We are pleased to announce that Kamishibai Newsletter Vol. 17 has been issued. You can read such articles as In Memoriam of Seiichi Tabata, Your Voice Alive (English translation of Chicchai koe), A New Step in the World, and much more!
Please use the following link to the members-only page:
members-only page link-icon
User ID, password, had been informed to IKAJA's members by e-mail.
If you are our member, and don't receive our e-mail or can't use the above link, please contact us.

Annual fees from Overseas Members (Reminder)

IKAJA collects annual fees from Overseas Members due to a change of the Rules. This change is applied from the fiscal year 2020 (Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 2020).
In case your annual fee is not paid, your membership will expire in March 2021. If you have some questions, please don’t hesitate to contact IKAJA secretary.
The new annual fees are as follows:
* Overseas Members from North America, Europe, Oceania countries and China: Individual 1000yen; Group/Organization 5000yen.
* Overseas Members of countries and regions other than the above: Individual 500yen; Group/Organization 2500yen.
Since you became a member between Nov. 16 and Dec. 31, 2019, or you have already paid for this year, we would appreciate your payment of the annual fee from 2021. This year’s fee is exempted.
We appreciate your kind understanding and your warm support for IKAJA.

COVID-19: Announcement from IKAJA

In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases, the lecture activities of the International Kamishibai Association of Japan are currently suspended.
We will announce the schedule for this year on this website etc. after the Japanese government has released the emergency declaration. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Now is the time to save lives that can be saved through great Kyokan. We pray for the safety of everyone in each country. Stay Home, Save Life!

Kamishibai on broadcast in NHK WORLD JAPAN NEW

You can watch the English program on NHK WORLD-JAPAN On Demand.
(January 5 2020~March 31 2023)
Kamishibai is featured on “Japanology Plus” broadcasted by NHK WORLD-JAPAN. The program introduces the history and charm of kamishibai, a culture originated in Japan. Kyoko Sakai, the representative of IKAJA and the chairperson of Doshinsha, appears on broadcast as an expert in kamishibai. It also features a poet Arthur Binard who brought out his first Kamishibai work “Live Voices” (Japanese title: Chicchai Koe) in 2019.
・Navigator: Peter Barakan
Japanology Pluslink-icon

Event summary of World Kamishibai Day (as of 7 January, 2021). NEW

21 countries and areas have organized 64 events all around the world.
If you know or organize some other events, please let us know.
We always welcome your event report on World Kamishibai Day.
mizuta ...Event Summarylink-icon

Video Message from IKAJA: Eiko explains about kamishibai.(approx. 10 min.)

English, Chinese , Spanish NEW 16 Oct.,
Eiko Matsui talks about the culture of kamishibai and how kamishibai creates peace.
She also explains the unique format and the key features of kamishibai, which bring kyokan (shared feelings) to the audience and the performer, with assistance of the performance by Hina Nagase in Englisn, and Sakiko Yokoo in Spanish.
If you would like to know more about Kamishibai, please see "What's Kamishibai"link-icon

Mini-Booklet "Let's Perform Kamishibai": Chinese version is NOW available.

Chinese version of our mini-booklet is ready, in addition to English, Slovenski, French, Spanish, and German version. This booklet is easy to make by yourself from a sheet of paper.
Please see How to Perform Kamishibai link-icon


Let's enjoy kamishibai at home, at times like this!
Face your children, partners, parents, grandchildren and even your cute pets, and enjoy the communication. When you perform kamishibai at home, the most important thing is to make much of your feelings to share the joy of kamishibai with your dearest ones.
You don't need theatrical gestures, exaggerated voices or special skills. It is also good to see kamishibai performed by your children or grandchildren, changing the usual roles.

If you would like to know about our recommended kamishibai,
please refer to Recommended Kamishibai link-icon and How to Perform Booklet link-icon

We will continue to make this announcement including the new photos of "KAMISHIBAI AT HOME! Campaign", sometimes with introductions to the covers and the stories of our recommended titles.
(All rights reserved: reproduction or appropriation of photographs from this page is prohibited.)

Please see KAMISHIBAI AT HOME! link-icon Page.

KAMISHIBAI AT HOME! Campaign...Peace Kamishibai at Home!

Why don’t you perform peace kamishibai at home, hoping for peace?
All of IKAJA’s recommended kamishibai lead to creating peace, if you perform thinking about the importance of living together on earth. When you follow the “Kamishibai at Home!” campaign, please include “Peace Kamishibai at Home!”

Please see KAMISHIBAI AT HOME! link-icon Page.

Update Information

KAMISHIBAI Newsletter Vol.17 has been issued
Event Summary of World Kamishibai Day 2020
Information of World Kamishibai Day 2020
Video message from Eiko Matsui: Spanish subtitles version
Kamishibai Newsletter Vol. 16 has been issued.
The 19th IKAJA Annual Meeting, Kamishibai Seminar in Tokyo were suspended.
Video message from Eiko Matsui: Chinese subtitles version
Mini-Booklet "Let's Perform Kamishibai": Chinese version. link-icon
Added the "KAMISHIBAI AT HOME!" Page
COVID-19: Announcement from IKAJA
Added the function of “Site Search" and “Site Map"
Revised the annual fees from Overseas Members
Uploaded the Recommended Kamishibai on "Members-Only, Newsletter" Page
Uploaded the information of Kamishibai Presentation in Mexico
Uploaded the information of Europe Kamishibai Tour by IKAJA
Uploaded the information of Kamishibai Seminar in Tokyo, 2019


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