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World Kamishibai Day

World Kamishibai Day

December 7 is World Kamishibai Day.
On this day we wish for peace on Earth as we share kamishibai together. Join people who love kamishibai by performing it throughout Japan and the world! Let us spread the joy of kyokan, the sharing of feelings to live life together.

This is a day identified by IKAJA, which we have registered with the Japan Anniversary Association.

December 7 is known as a day when Japan attacked the USA at Pearl Harbor. This is the precise reason we chose this day, hoping that war will disappear and we can instead make peace, through kamishibai.

How about organizing some events on this day?
It doesn't matter if your event is for a small group, or even just for your own children.
It would be great if our entire global network could perform kamishibai on this special day!
Please join us!

FYI...Last Event summary of World Kamishibai Day
There were 42 events at 19 countries and areas at December 7, 2018. your town reportlink-icon

We have opened a Facebook page, where you can share your World Kamishibai Day photos and information:
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The International Kamishibai Association of Japan (IKAJA)
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