Let's enjoy kamishibai at home, at times like this! Face your children, partners, parents, grandchildren and even your cute pets, and enjoy the communication.
When you perform kamishibai at home, the most important thing is to make much of your feelings to share the joy of kamishibai with your dearest ones. You don't need theatrical gestures, exaggerated voices or special skills. It is also good to see kamishibai performed by your children or grandchildren, changing the usual roles.

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KAMISHIBAI AT HOME! Campaign...Peace Kamishibai at Home! NEW 6 Aug.

Why don’t you perform peace kamishibai at home, hoping for peace?
All of IKAJA’s recommended kamishibai lead to creating peace, if you perform thinking about the importance of living together on earth. When you follow the “Kamishibai at Home!” campaign, please include “Peace Kamishibai at Home!”

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"Kamishibai at Home" Campaign: Pictures from Facebook

Part 30: from kyoto, posted 12 Jan., 2021 NEW 12 Jan.

Due to Covid-19, my activities of storytelling at the familiar bookstores had been cancelled since March, 2020. Some of the bookstores reopened in July, but I couldn’t do my activities as before, and I felt depressed. On November 3rd, I had a chance to perform kamishibai in front of some children after a long time. It was an hour in front of small kids outside. I had my face shield on and worried if my voice could reach them or not. At first, I thought they could concentrate on the stories for only half an hour, but in the end, I performed all the ten kamishibai works that I brought. One boy kept asking for more every time I finished one. It was a cry of joy indeed. I guess they were able to enjoy kamishibai outside freely with an open heart. I realized again the fascination of kamishibai. (Comments from the photo provider)

Part 29: from Miyagi, posted 9 Oct., 2020

Peace Kamishibai at Home

I performed “The Ocean of Kariyushi” for the first time in front of my two daughters and four grandchildren. After watching it, they seemed to be impressed, saying “Okinawa is so beautiful! We’ll go there sometime.” I would like to perform lots of kamishibai for my grandchildren aged from zero to five. (Comments from the photo provider)

Part 28: from Poland, posted 2 Oct., 2020

Kamishibai with Alpacas

New photos arrived from the Polish member.
I performed kamishibai with alpacas. Together with the children from the village and the hospice's day-room, we learned about the importance of trees in Our lives. Our alpacas watched the whole show. MajuBaje from Poland. (Comments from the photo provider)

Part 27: from Mexico, posted 25 Sep., 2020

Kamishibai at Home in Mexico

New photos arrived from the Mexican member.
He performed “A Magic Brush” for his cousins at home. He found a fascination for kamishibai while studying avant-garde performing art in Japan, believed that it would blow a new wind to Mexico (where an argumentative theater is the mainstream), and has been spreading kamishibai with his wife since then. When the Central Mexico earthquake hit three years ago, he performed kamishibai for children at the disaster area camp in Oaxaca, wanting to deliver something bright and powerful in such a difficult situation. I am deeply grateful to Eiko for generously giving me the heart and technique of kamishibai. (Comments from the photo provider)
Presenté “El pincel mágico” para mis primos en mi casa. Cuando vivía y estudiaba teatro Avant garde en Tokio, en la calle, conocí la maravilla del kamishibai y supe que podía ser una buena idea para México (donde hay mucho teatro intelectual) la hemos difundido en todo México con mi esposa. hace 3 años ocurrió un terremoto en México fui apoyar a albergues de Oaxaca sabía que la fuerza del kamishibai seria también un remedio en situaciones donde puedes sentirte triste. Agradezco profundamente a Señora Eiko que nos enseñó tan generosamente la filosofía y técnica del kamishibai. {comentario del proveedor}

Part 26: from Shizuoka, posted 18 Sep., 2020

Kamishibai at Izu Storytelling Club.

We had a meeting on studying kamishibai. To whom are we going to convey “the fascination of kamishibai”? For how many people? How can we specify the charm of kamishibai? We shared plenty of relaxing and fruitful time with the members.
(Comments from the photo provider)

Part 25: from Tokyo, posted 11 Sep., 2020

Peace Kamishibai at Home Atelier.
(approx.5min.55sec.秒, 27MB)
September 7th is Okinawan Citizen’s Peace Day. I performed “The Ocean of Kariyushi” for my husband and friend at my home, Eiko Matsui’s Atelier for Murals. The author, Noriko Matsui, put her heart for peace into this kamishibai themed in the sea of Okinawa. In this kamishibai, a performer and the audience chant “Yugafu-tabori” together, which means “May happiness come” in Okinawan. My husband and I heard about the lives lost in the battle of Okinawa, the US military base problem, and the greatness of Okinawan culture from Mr. Gentoku Maeshiro and Mrs. Eiko Maeshiro, who live in Okinawa city. My husband, Masaki Nishijima, is an architect and designed “Kusunuchi Peace & Culture Museum”, which Mr. and Mrs. Maeshiro built in Okinawa city in 1998; I created murals for it. This building includes the first “Kamishibai Theater” in the world. I performed it with my wish for “May happiness come” to Okinawan people and the people around the globe who are suffering from Covid-19. My husband who was kind of nervous to watch the kamishibai at first, seemed to become happy as we chanted “Yugafu-tabori ” together, and peace arrived at my home as well.
(Comments from the photo provider)

Part 24: from Miyagi, posted 4 Sep., 2020

Peace Kamishibai at a Storytelling Session.

Once every two months, I am invited to a storytelling session for prekindergarten kids, which is run by a small nursery school. At the end of the session of kamishibai, picture books, and nursery rhymes for children, I tried to perform a peace kamishibai “Never Again” this time. Even though they were one-two years old, they stared at the kamishibai intently, which surprised me. Their mothers listened to me carefully, too. I was a little worried about their reaction at first, but it was not necessary. I would like to continue to pass on peace without missing a chance. (Comments from the photo provider)

Part 23: from Osaka, posted 28 Aug., 2020

Peace Kamishibai on Aug. 6: A School Day for Peace.

I performed peace kamishibai, “A Flying Fish Boy is Sick” and “Wild Roses”, for 3rd and 4th graders and for 5th and 6th graders respectively, for their peace study on Aug. 6. Not to be too crowded, we used a big auditorium. While performing, however, I could feel that the children focused on the story. Under Covid-19, we have fewer opportunities of performing kamishibai, but we hope to keep on doing it in one way or another. (Comments from the photo provider)

Part 22: from Aichi, posted 28 Aug., 2020

Performing Kamishibai at A Small Gathering for Peace.

Our town had been holding “The Exhibition on War, Wishing for Peace” on a large scale during summer vacations. However, it was canceled this year. Since we wanted to confirm our thoughts about how we could create peace, we held a small gathering of people for peace in a big room. After performing “Little Voices”, speaking about the Maruki Gallery for the Hiroshima Panels, in the room which exhibits duplicated panels of “Human and Atomic Bomb”, I performed “Grow Grow Grow Bigger”. The participants’ thoughts toward peace also grew bigger, and we shared a big “piece” of cake at the end of the kamishibai. Even though my performance was with a mask, I realized once again the joy of hearing real voices and the meaning of seeing real faces. It was impressive that one elementary school child also attended, listened intently and enjoyed kamishibai in the very front row. (Comments from the photo provider)

Part 21: from Tokyo, posted 21 Aug., 2020

Peace Kamishibai at Home in the home atelier of a muralist.

I practiced performing “Mr. Potato, the Sleepyhead” in the home atelier of a muralist, Ms. Eiko Matsui. The author, Tomoyoshi Murayama, had been put into jail because he protested against the war during WWII. The individuality of each character is well described with humor in this title, and we feel peace itself when our individual differences are respected. The last scene will make us all feel happy. (Comments from the photo provider)

Part 20: from Tokyo, posted 14 Aug., 2020

Peace Kamishibai at Home from Book House Cafe, Jinbocho.

Wapper Seven, a kamishibai group of IKAJA’s members, held their regular event “Kamishibai Café” on their home ground at Book House Café in Tokyo. The program was titled “Kamishibai for Peace”. In between the starter “Grow Grow Grow Bigger!” and the closing “A Song for Pippo”, they presented various works, including the one focusing on affection between father and daughter during the Vietnam War, and another expressing the importance of life after the disaster of atomic bombing. “Here Comes the Train” and “Kind Monster Wapper” were also performed, wishing for peace. There were many parents and small children in the audience, among them a girl of five years who was totally absorbed in the whole one hour program! (Comments from the photo provider)

Part 19: from Mexico, posted 6 Aug., 2020

Peace Kamishibai at Home in Spanish.
(approx. 9min.35sec., 32MB)
A video arrived from a member whose house is a temple in Mexico City. She performed “Never Again” in Spanish at the temple where they talk about Japanese culture and peace. Two Mexican people gave their impressions.

Part 18: from U.S.A., posted 30 Jul., 2020

Kamishibai with a butai bought in Japan.

When I was in Japan, I acquired a kamishibai butai and several kamishibai stories for a friend in the USA who asked me to, as her sister is special needs. She thought her sister would really enjoy kamishibai. When I told kamishibai stories in my home in the USA when I returned, she and her sister loved kamishibai! She enjoyed the stories as if it were a puppet show on stage, which she loves. She really got the connection between us all sharing the story live - that kyokan. She even wanted to make her own kamishibai of Godzilla!!! It was enjoyable to do this simple telling at home (for World Kamishibai day). Even a few people make it happen!!! Happiness! (Comments from the photo provider)

Part 17: from from Hokkaido, posted 25 Jul., 2020

Kamishibai After Dinner (video)
(approx. 2min.15sec., 18MB)
My two-year-old son loves kamishibai. He asks me to perform after dinner, but my seven-year-old daughter does so on my behalf. My daughter is better than me when she performs “Transform!”. I thought it might have been created using a child’s sensitivity and I was impressed. It’s interesting that kamishibai looks different depending on the performer. (Comments from the photo provider)

Part 16: from Aichi, posted 20 Jul., 2020

Kamishibai for My Family

I performed “Stretched, Stretched” for my family. My grandchild (20 months) and our dog got ready on their beloved ones’ knees respectively. I slowly opened the door of the butai and said, “Stretched, stretched, what’s stretched?” Everybody took up the rhythm with their bodies, and enjoyed it till the end. My grandchild jumped like a frog jumps! It was a relaxing moment for the baby, the adults and even the dog! (Comments from the photo provider)

Part 15: from Aichi, posted 15 Jul., 2020

Kamishibai performed by a three-year-old girl (video)
(approx. 1min.20sec., 10MB)
I’m three years old. I like “Everybody Clap!” and “Mr. Cook in a Sulky Mood” best among all the kamishibai works I have. My favorite part is to slide a sheet rattlingly in “Mr. Cook…”. My mother will have a baby soon. I’ll perform kamishibai to the baby.(Comments from the photo provider)

Part 14: from Italy, posted 10 Jul., 2020

A video has arrived from one of our international members living in Italy.
(approx. 2min.40sec., 14MB)
Yocci performs her brand-new kamishibai “Archaeology of Little Red Riding Hood” in Italian for “Corraini a Casa”. People in Italy are also enjoying kamishibai at home!
Please check the link.icon

Part 13: from Fukuoka, posted 5 Jul., 2020

Kamishibai at Home, in a Children's Book Store, "Elmer".

The children are enjoying kamishibai, forgetting about COVID-19! (Comments from the photo provider)

Part 12: from Hokkaido, posted 25 Jun., 2020

Kamishibai at a birthday party for twin daughters (video)
(approx. 2min.20sec., 18MB)
We had a 5th birthday party for our twin daughters. Our seven-year-old eldest daughter planned everything from making the program to decorating the room. Of course, she performed kamishibai, too! This time, she selected, “The Hungry Round Ogres”. After we finished watching it, our two-year-old son, who loves kamishibai, asked for more and brought “Heave-Ho, Heave-Ho”. There were opening and closing speeches at the party. We all enjoyed it very much. (Comments from the photo provider)

Part 11: from Tokyo, posted 20 Jun., 2020

Kamishibai with a budgerigar.

Our budgerigar named Aoi looked intently at “Sabuchan the King” performed by my daughter. (Comments from the photo provider)

Part 10: from Miyagi, posted 15 Jun., 2020

Kamishibai with a circle member

Ms. S from a storytelling group, “Peekaboo”, visited us with her grandchildren and I performed kamishibai after three months. A three-year-old boy selected “Dinosaur Boy’s Fishing”. He was very scared of a black cat which appeared in “Baby Kitten Blanc” that I’d selected. I explained that the black cat was their mother, but he kept on saying, “Scary”. Later on, Ms. S performed “Momo-chan Went to Get a Shot” which was requested by the boy’s five-year-old sister. (Comments from the photo provider)

Part 9: from Kanagawa, posted 10 Jun., 2020

Kamishibai with the family next door.

The next-door family and I enjoyed kamishibai in May. Hiroki, a sixth grader, took the challenge of performing kamishibai for the first time. He selected “Lun the Butterfly” and “Baby Kitten Blanc”, which testified his love for living creatures. “Lun the Butterfly” was not easy for him to perform, because it described the ecosphere of a swallowtail butterfly as a fictional story. However, as he said, it was ‘a lot of fun’ performing “Baby Kitten Blanc” as it was closer to his daily naughty life. He could cry “meow” in the voice of Blanc with much emotion. (Comments from the photo provider)

Part 8: from Germany, posted 5 Jun., 2020

Kamishibai at home from Germany.

I performed "Kaguyahime" for my wife and my oldest daugther. Our cat didn't want to listen and left her basket ... (Comments from the photo provider)

Part 7: from Mie, posted 30 May, 2020

A picture of a group enjoying kamishibai at a bookstore, one of the members' home.

Since a meeting of the kamishibai study group, “Pippo-no-kai”, had been cancelled, we performed kamishibai at “Miyagawa Bookstore”, where my house and store are. Five people, including a rookie and experts of kamishibai, performed “Baby Kitten Blanc”, “Duck the King”, "Wild Roses”, “Here Comes the Train”, “Osuwariyasu Isudosse”, and “Baby Chick”. Then we talked about the key features of kamishibai, each story’s message, how one can be changed by performing one kamishibai for a certain period of time, as well as peace and culture. One person who saw kamishibai for the first time said, “Kamishibai is very deep. I could feel its message, the author’s thoughts, and the performer’s life!” At first, I worried about the gathering even though it’s a small number of people in this time of COVID-19, but after all it became a wonderful place for us to learn kamishibai deeply. (Comments from the photo provider)

Part 6: from Tokyo, posted 25 May, 2020

A picture of a man performing kamishibai for his granddaughter.

This is my four-year-old granddaughter’s favorite kamishibai. We felt a refreshing spring breeze on “Children’s Day”. After taking Shobuyu (bathwater with iris leaves), we enjoyed kamishibai at home! (Comments from the photo provider)

Part 5: from Hokkaido, posted 20 May, 2020

A video clip of an older sister in first grade performing kamishibai at the birthday party of her two-year-old brother. This is a family of nine members including four children.
(Movie: approx.50sec, 8MB)
A first grader sister performed kamishibai at her little brother's birthday party!

Part 4: from Aichi, posted 15 May, 2020

They enjoyed kamishibai with their lovely dog.

Part 3: from Tokyo, posted 10 May, 2020

A mother and a child enjoyed five kamishibai together.

I enjoyed five kamishibai works with my son who is in second grade. Even though the works are for smaller children, it seemed like he remembered the time with his friends at nursery school and enjoyed them.
When I performed "Tem the Ladybird ", he asked me, "Is it OK for Tem and other bugs to go outside even though it's corona time?"
I answered, "Bugs' homes are outside, so it's OK."
It made me realise that even a child has a strong awareness of refraining from going outside in this time of COVID-19.
Unlike picture books, both the performer and audience of kamishibai speak in loud voices, which is a good stress reliever.

Part 2: from Aichi, posted 5 May, 2020

Performing kamishibai Nenaiko Dare to entertain a three generation family.

Part 1: from Hokkaido, posted 27 Apr, 2020

A mother performed Grow Grow Bigger to her three pretty children.

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