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Association Rules of IKAJA

The International Kamishibai Assoctiation of Japan

Association Rules
I) General
1. Name:
The organization's name is to be "The International Kamishibai Association of Japan" (IKAJA).
2. Objectives:
To study, learn and hold performances of Kamishibai, a unique Japanese cultural asset, thereby fostering communication between people both in Japan and overseas, as explained in the Introduction .
3. Activities:
In order to achieve the above objectives, the following activities will be undertaken:
*The publishing of a newsletter
*Cultural exchange through Kamishibai between Japan and foreign countries.
*Various activities to create a deeper understanding of Kamishibai. (the planning and execution of lectures, workshops and seminars on the subject).
*Other activities to accomplish the associations objectives.

II) Membership
4. We will recruit members at home and abroad to support and develop the association.
(1) Membership Categories
*Individual Membership - for individuals who agree with the objectives of this association.
*Institutional or Corporate Membership - For institutions and corporations that agree to support this association in its objectives and activities.
*Individual Membership
*Group Membership
(2) Enrollment
*All applications should be accompanied by a completed membership form and one year's fees.
(3) Annual Fees
*Individual Membership: 3,000 yen per annum
*Institutional or Corporate Membership: one or more contributions of 10,000 yen each per annum
*From North America, Europe, Oceania countries and China: Individual 1000yen; Group/Organization 5000yen.
*Countries and regions other than the above: Individual 500yen; Group/Organization 2500yen.
(4) Withdrawal of Membership
Those wishing to withdraw their membership should please contact the association's administrative offices.

III) Accounting
5. All expenses of this association will be covered by individual, institutional and corporate membership fees or donations. The association's fiscal year will run from September 1 until August 31 of the following year.

IV) Operation
6. Steering Committee
(1) This association will establish a steering committee and hold committee meetings as deemed necessary.
The committee will include representative member, supervising member, planning advertising member, planning promoting members, and administrative members who will consult with the other members of the committee to decide policy.
(2) Two Auditors.
7.Steering Committee Tenure
Committee members will serve for a period of three years and may be re-elected

V) General Meeting
8. General Meeting
A general meeting of members is to be held once per annum

VI) Misc.
9. This association was founded on December 7, 2001.

Administrative Office:
International Kamishibai Association of Japan (IKAJA)
Terakoya, 3-32-15-1F, Inokashira, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-0001 Japan
FAX: 81-422-49-8990


The International Kamishibai Association of Japan (IKAJA)
Terakoya, 3-32-15-1F, Inokashira, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo 181-0001 Japan

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